..They are helping me focus and navigate the path along the way...

...The process was very smooth...

...We've used it to get on the same page together...

...It's helped us put together our business plan...

...If you want to get people on the same page within your company, the SOAR Community Network is definitely a place to start.

It all begins with a vision and knowing your mission. Our SOARBOK strategic plans are developed by walking our clients through our vision and mission mapping process. When we work with clients, we make sure they have clarity around vision and mission so that their brand identity, messaging, and services reflect who they truly are, where they intend to go and why they are committed to serving their particular market/community.



  • A strategic plan that maps to social impact can provide additional clarity to the executive team and reengage employees
  • Clarity and agreement of vision and mission within the executive team
  • Alignment of employee skill sets with roles, responsibilities and job titles
  • Increase in the employee happiness factor
  • Decrease in employee turnover
  • Increase of team productivity
  • Congruence of internal messaging with external brand story
  • Consistency of brand message across all marketing and media channels
  • Launching or re-launching brand messages that authentically reflects the organization’s greatest values

Our process begins with the personal or corporate vision and mission mapping. During the process leaders and businesses:


  • Uncover personal/leadership/corporate vision and create a vision statement
  • Uncover personal/leadership/corporate mission and create a mission statement
  • Define personal/leadership/corporate core values
  • See, Own and Articulate  unique value proposition, differentiators and ideal roles/functional areas/service offerings
  • Map how to best serve target audience, ideal clients, and employees
  • Set relevant and realistic business and marketing goals
  • Receive practical recommendations to move toward accomplishing personal/leadership/corporate mission

The value proposition having a vision and mission that represents the values of the corporate executives is high. I recommend the process because it goes broad and deep enough to exact the detail that’s needed to produce an articulate vision and mission statement in a timely manner.

Damian Rodriguez

CEO, General Partner, LumInsight Analytics, LLP

Mali is delightful, caring and professional. The Vision and Mission process she led me through was insightful and very productive. If you want a message and business that is authentic I recommend Soar, Mali and team and the Vision and Mission process.

Carol Dorsey

Associate Broker

As an entrepreneurial strategist that guides teams in the shaping new ventures myself, I was hesitant to give into someone else’s processes. But starting a new business is messy work (!!) and, even with my experience, I was finding it difficult to reveal the core values and guiding principles of a venture that I was personally involved in.

Through SCN’s vision and mission mapping process, my team and I were able to very quickly and meaningfully craft solid guiding documents for our venture, including a Vision Statement, Core Values and Mission Statement. Mali’s insights into my team’s individual strengths and complementary roles were spot on and delivered in a way that was diplomatic and actionable. Mali and her team took one look at our sea of ideas and gave solid advice on which opportunities would be the most effective for our team start with, based on our collective strengths and revenue generating potential. Their contributions and guidance set us on a clear path that we have found simple to follow and has created incredibly fast and authentic results.

The SOAR mapping process comes highly recommended to teams at both beginning and repositioning phases, where getting clear on guiding principles can save them hours (if not MONTHS and even YEARS) of unfruitful work and frustration.

Libby Garrett

Design Futurist + Educator, Independent Consultant

SCN is able to work with individuals or companies to help them to define their brand/mission. When we worked together, Mali and her team were very comfortable in talking to, bringing out insights I hadn’t ever thought of that would enable me to be more authentic about my business and mission. The questions that they puts forth in their mapping process bring out more about yourself, which then relate to your business style and how you interact with clients. I would highly recommend the SOAR vision and mission mapping process for any individual or company who is looking to brand their business and bring it to its optimum level.

Debijo Wheatley

Interior Designer, Aging in Place Specialist, Designs by Debijo

Working with the SCN team was a pleasure and a gift! Mali is intuitive and insightful. She brings the strength of her professional experience, education, life experiences and people-sense to her work in a profound way that catalyzes new learning and awareness in her clients. The visioning work she facilitated was impactful and exceeded our expectations for rigor and meaningfulness.

Constance Aguayo

Managing Principal Consultant and Coach, The Aguayo Group

I have been a marketer all of my life and decided to step into the shoes of entrepreneurship. Genuinely excited and also a bit lost, I needed direction. What makes me different from the thousands of other marketing consultants who have wonderful gifts to offer as well?

I worked with Mali at SOAR Community Network and discovered my unique value. Going through the mapping process helped me identify and solidify my strengths, uniqueness, and unmatchable skills. Mali takes you on a deep dive that touches ocean floors. Her ability to guide you through a self-journey is profound and becomes so enlightening. The results provided by her and the SOAR team, I was immediately able to put into action and develop plans that continue to lead me to opportunities.

I highly recommend the work of Mali. Just be prepared to uncover a side of you that you never knew existed within!

Nona Phinn

Marketing and Communications Strategist, THuS Marketing & Branding

Mali and her team were incredible. Over the years I have hired several marketing and branding professionals, none have come close to providing what Mali did for me. She works in a unique way to glean important aspects of ones self. So much so that there were things she uncovered that I never realized I had passion for. Her work is meticulous, well researched, with a bit of intuitive knowing that creates a mind map of your brand. Im overjoyed with the results of Mali’s work and can confidently say I will use the results to now go do my real work in the world. Thank you Mali and SOAR .

Tracy Ganske

Senior Medical Science Liaison

Our entire team works remotely which makes it hard to build cohesiveness and really
get to know each other in terms of work style. As a result of the Team Alignment
Retreat we all now have a better idea of each others values, communication style,
type of worker and approach to tackling tasks.

Beth Flaherty

Executive Director, Flaherty Family Foundation