Social Impact is a global development management consulting firm. They provide monitoring, evaluation, strategic planning, and capacity building services to advance development effectiveness. Their mission is to help global development organizations and programs be more effective at improving people’s lives.


  • Recently changed outsourced IT providers and needed help managing the transition.
  • Needed help getting employees to trust IT again because of a bad experience with the previous provider.
  • Wanted to create stability in the infrastructure.



  • Helped hire an outsourced IT firm that met their maintenance requirements
  • Employees immediately started trusting the IT department because requests where being taken care of on time
  • The Director of Operations could rely on an experienced CIO to help him work on strategy, deal with vendors and deploy IT projects.


SCN Consultation:

  • RFP Creation

SCN is proud to share that Social Impact engaged us as consultants to help them hire the right company and people to support their IT function. We worked directly with the Director of Operations to meet the requirements of the organization. Social Impact’s mission to deliver quality, act with integrity, collaborate and learn and embrace camaraderie is more efficient now and we are proud to say that we helped that happen.


I like the cost-effective solution-oriented approach that SOAR brings to every task. They are genuinely interested in solving the problem and getting you the best solution out there even if they don’t directly benefit from the recommended direction. They are honest, candid, extremely knowledgeable and hard working. They prioritize their client’s interest above all else and will go to bat for you every single time. It also helped a lot that Victor is bi-lingual and could interact effectively with our offices and their service providers in Central America.

Nana Frimpong

Director of Operations, Social Impact