Talent Optimization

Are you looking for effective ways to build community, increase engagement, optimize your talent and drive business results all while navigating and implementing new work protocols during these uncertain times? SOAR Community Network is offering a live, FREE and interactive 75-minute virtual training to share some resources and tools.

Behavioral Assessment Testimonial – Social Butterfly

Lucy is Co-owner of Social Butterfly and took our behavioral assessment. One session with us produced this testimonial.

Team Building Through Change Testimonial – PMB

Project Management Brokers (PMB) is a Project management consulting and training services firm with services for public and private entities. Project management experience includes defining work methodologies for diverse clients in Puerto Rico. They went through our...

Team Building Through Change Testimonial – PSL

Planning for Senior Life (PSL) is a local community-based organization of experts helping seniors with their “aging in place” and “transitions of care” needs. We provide professional services and referrals as well as community education through seminars and...

Behavioral Assessment Testimonial – Hilton Nazario

Hilton is a VP for a large financial institution. He went through our behavioral analysis session and here is what he had to say.

Drive Business Results- Set New Strategic Priorities and Optimize Your Talent

Are you looking for effective ways to build community, increase engagement, and optimize your talent all while working to achieve exploring, producing, stabilizing and cultivating objectives?

This 75-minute, free virtual training will offer up strategies to help you and your executive team drive business results by:

  • coming to a consensus on new strategic priorities;
  • aligning each team member’s skill set, experience and behavioral strengths to your strategic objectives;
  • creating a culture that keeps your employees engaged, connected, productive and resilient
We will:
  • Provide samples of Exploring, Stabilizing, Producing and Cultivating objectives to consider with your executive team
  • Help you identify possible pitfalls and missteps
  • Show how aligning behavioral strengths, leadership styles and team configuration can increase engagement and optimize talent
  • Share tips to strengthen trust in a virtual environment
  • Provide tools to help create a C3 Community (compassion, cohesion, collaboration) within your organization to increase engagement, foster innovation and drive business results