Allegra Marketing Print Mail Fairfax 1:1 Talent Strategy

Allegra Marketing Print Mail of Fairfax is a full-service marketing and print communications company based in Fairfax, VA. They help companies solve simple or complex problems through our expertise, creative solutions and can-do attitude. Allegra: is hands-on with our...

APC Strategic Mapping

As a group of independent and small philanthropic consultancy firms from across the nation, APC is committed to ensuring that nonprofit organizations of all sizes can engage experienced, qualified counsel by strengthening the abilities, growing the resources, and...

Clements Worldwide Team Alignment

​Clements Worldwide, originally Clements & Company and later Clements International, is a global insurance company founded in 1947 and headquartered in Washington, D.C. with offices in London and Dubai. It provides international insurance to expatriates,...

Driving Business Results-Documents

We discussed the best insights, strategies, and practices to help you and your team communicate more effectively, perform cohesively, and meet strategic objectives under these unusual and stressful circumstances.     Webinar Presentation Surviving an...

Dynamic Service Solutions Team Alignment

​Since 2010, Dynamic Service Solutions (DSS) has provided exceptional Engineering, Technology and Professional Services to the Federal Government and Commercial Markets. DSS has helped the US Government maximize their return on investment (ROI) by providing Emergency...

Flaherty Family Foundation Team Alignment

​The Flaherty Family Foundation is based in Minnesota and serves Scholars and families in faith-based, college preparatory high schools not only in Minnesota but also in Maryland, Montana, New Jersey, Virginia and Washington D.C. The FFF has grown from simply offering...

Government Contractor Purpose Mapping

This organization provides services to commercial organizations and the Federal Government. They manage a wide selection of financial services – from daily accounting tasks and bookkeeping to integrative compliance, tax management, and specialized audit support. Their...

GravyWork Employee Alignment

GravyWork has staffed the hospitality industry for years, connecting thousands of hospitality workers through our gig work app to flexible, part-time hourly jobs at top hospitality brands, as well as private events and universities. In 2021, they introduced their...

IMC Talent 1on 1 and Becoming a Transcendent Leader

Insurance Marketing Center is a top-producing general agency serving insurance brokers in the Washington Metro Area. Their commitment has been to build and strengthen relationships with the region’s largest insurance carriers, for over 30 years. Since 1987, Insurance...

Talent Optimization

This national pause has created uncertainty and anxiety for us all. There are ways to deal with this individually and as a team by pausing and reflecting to better understand your strategic objectives and team dynamics.

We can help with Talent Optimization! Start by taking this 5-minute survey to understand how you and your team can be effective in any environment.

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We know that these are extraordinary times. The level of uncertainty, anxiety and isolation is pervasive and all these emotions make sense. We are dealing with a pandemic and facing economic uncertainty across the board. There is no industry or organization that can escape its impact. We get it and we know that the only way through these difficult times is to advance forward – one step at a time.

As leaders, our workforce, clients and partners are looking to us for clarity of direction, inspiration and the path forward. We can’t solve the world’s problems or rid it of this pandemic but we can support, guide and consult on how to pivot by:

  • helping you set new strategic objectives,
  • design the path forward,
  • hire or reposition your talent,
  • inspire your employees and
  • align everyone to the new strategic direction

Once you complete your survey we will follow up with a 30-minute conversation and provide you with 3 reports (all for free):

  • Personal Development
  • Manager Development
  • Management Strategy Guide



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