5 Ways to Boost Employee Retention: More Than Just Perks

Challenge: Retaining top talent is one of the biggest challenges organizations face today. While perks and benefits can attract employees, they are often not enough to keep them engaged and committed in the long run. To truly boost employee retention, companies need...

9 Reasons Why Fast Growth Can Be Chaotic

Challenge: Fast growth is an exhilarating phase for any organization, signifying success and market validation. However, it often brings a unique set of challenges that can lead to chaos if not managed properly. Let’s explore the reasons why rapid expansion can be...

Addressing Information Gaps to Enhance Employee Experience

Challenge When employee experience surveys return scores indicating "I do not have all the information I need to produce high quality work," it highlights a critical gap in the organizational communication and resource distribution systems. Such a gap can lead to...

Aligning Employee Purpose

Introduction In the dynamic environments of government contracting, nonprofits, and public education, aligning an individual's purpose with the organization's mission, vision, and core values is pivotal. This strategic alignment is powerfully facilitated through the...

Aligning Stars

Introduction In the rapidly evolving corporate world, the significance of a clearly articulated organizational purpose, mission, vision, and values cannot be overstated. These foundational elements are not mere words on a website; they are the guiding stars that shape...

APC Strategic Mapping

As a group of independent and small philanthropic consultancy firms from across the nation, APC is committed to ensuring that nonprofit organizations of all sizes can engage experienced, qualified counsel by strengthening the abilities, growing the resources, and...

Aptive Resources Group and Individual Coaching

Aptive provides expertise in strategic engagement, health solutions and digital transformation. We support some of the most innovative and inspiring programs across the government, helping to improve performance, connect with people and navigate change. Aptive is...

Black Digital media – Understanding Your Team

Black Digital was created to fulfill a need. As the COVID-19 pandemic forced organizations to shift major operations to a virtual space, many were left unprepared. They needed a consistent voice to reach their audiences in the ever-changing and increasingly crowded...

Bridging the Gap

Introduction The evolution of the workplace into hybrid models, blending remote and in-office work, has brought communication to the forefront of organizational effectiveness. Effective communication in hybrid teams is not only about ensuring that information is...

Capital Access Unlocked: Empower Your CDFI Team

Challenge: Ensuring capital access for underserved communities is a core mission for Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs). However, many CDFIs face challenges in mobilizing and managing resources effectively, which can hinder their impact. Let's...

Talent Optimization

This national pause has created uncertainty and anxiety for us all. There are ways to deal with this individually and as a team by pausing and reflecting to better understand your strategic objectives and team dynamics.

We can help with Talent Optimization! Start by taking this 5-minute survey to understand how you and your team can be effective in any environment.

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We know that these are extraordinary times. The level of uncertainty, anxiety and isolation is pervasive and all these emotions make sense. We are dealing with a pandemic and facing economic uncertainty across the board. There is no industry or organization that can escape its impact. We get it and we know that the only way through these difficult times is to advance forward – one step at a time.

As leaders, our workforce, clients and partners are looking to us for clarity of direction, inspiration and the path forward. We can’t solve the world’s problems or rid it of this pandemic but we can support, guide and consult on how to pivot by:

  • helping you set new strategic objectives,
  • design the path forward,
  • hire or reposition your talent,
  • inspire your employees and
  • align everyone to the new strategic direction

Once you complete your survey we will follow up with a 30-minute conversation and provide you with 3 reports (all for free):

  • Personal Development
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  • Management Strategy Guide



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