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Team Alignment means that all employees, from entry-level to the C-Suite to the Board of Directors share a common vision and understand their roles and how every member of the “community” contributes to the organization’s goals, mission and impact. Team alignment and team building workshops help encourage collaboration which creates happier, more effective teams. Without alignment, each department works independently with its own goals, data sets, and technology applications. When this occurs, the organization is operating as a siloed organization rather than a C3 Community. Team alignment and team building experiences improve communication, productivity, engagement, collaboration and performance. All activities performed by individuals in a perfectly aligned organization help move the business closer to its strategic vision.

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Project Management Brokers (PMB) is a Project management consulting and training services firm with services for public and private entities. Project management experience includes defining work methodologies for diverse clients in Puerto Rico. They went through our Team Building Through Change workshop from our Resilience series. We worked on their team dynamics styles and showed them how to prioritize objectives while taking their behavioral styles into consideration.