We help you formulate strategic IT goals, plan IT budgets, analyze and restructure business processes and help facilitate technology changes. We do this with a combination of Virtual CIO professionals and proven methodologies and frameworks to document, advise on and direct your Technology function.

AARM Yourself

The AARM framework ensures that your IT Function is managed following industry best practices by continually assessing and managing vendors, IT human resources and business processes.

The first three stages of the framework are Assess, Analyze and Recommend. These stages enable the mapping of your IT Services to your business functions. We perform these three stages in our Tech-Ray service (IT Assessment).

The fourth stage is to Manage. We continuously run through all stages to make sure your IT function is serving your business objectives.

Making Recommendations on what Matters

Business Processes & Objectives – Defined by the organization and documented by the IT department to facilitate communications between IT and the business units

Services – Documented service catalog mapped to organizational services and business processes in order to quickly identify risks to the business.

Budget – How IT manages the budget for resources, projects, training and personnel

Projects – How IT manages projects to make sure they come in under budget, within scope and time.

Service Areas:

  • Vendor Management – audits, vendor reviews, negotiations, reporting
  • MSP Management – manage help desk systems setup, service catalog, maintenance, IT workflows, systems documentation, IT procedures
  • Weekly Strategy Meetings – IT and business road mapping, planning, budgeting, creating policies, business workflow, reporting
  • Mentoring Technicians – job descriptions, salaries, goal setting, evaluations, skills gap analysis, reviews, hiring, mentoring, reporting

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