Select Your Service of Interest.

Discover Your Brand Identity

  • Review current vision and mission
  • Review corporate summary, executive bio and corporate story
  • Assess current marketing and branding activity
  • Review current social and digital media exposure
  • Discuss and set marketing and branding goals

Design Marketing Platform

  • SWOT analysis of the market
  • Review and revise marketing strategy
  • Demographics and industry research
  • Identify ideal target market
  • Select appropriate marketing platforms
  • Create plan of action

Deliver Marketing Plan

  • Revise or create new messaging and brand identity
  • Revise or create new corporate summary and executive bios
  • Set up social media profiles
  • Design and build websites
  • Create new marketing collateral and/or press kit
  • Design and deploy email marketing campaigns
  • Create plan for re-launch or new launch via promotional blitz

Distinguish Your Brand

  • Complete Day-to-Day Marketing Tasks (Implementation Support)
  • Ongoing Social Media Updates, Shares, and Overall Management
  • Video Production Support Services for Marketing Purposes
  • Ongoing Audio/Video Podcast Support Services
  • Ongoing Media and PR Services

Develop Your Growth Strategy

  • Assess, design, and develop plan for IT infrastructure, tools and applications
  • Automation of processes and systems
  • Review and provide recommendations for Accounting & Finance systems and processes
  • Review and provide recommendations for HR related support services
  • Review and provide recommendations for Sales and Business Development Strategies