It all begins with a vision and knowing your mission. When we work with clients, we make sure they have clarity around vision and mission so that their brand identity, messaging, and services reflect who they truly are, where they intend to go and why they are committed to serving their particular market/community.

We recognize that it’s often difficult to find the time for self reflection or extensive leadership team discussions that go beyond profit and loss. However, in the consumer driven world we live in today, it’s imperative that independent brands, corporate and civic leaders as well as business brands communicate their unique vision, mission and true north to their internal and external customers.

Long term success and brand loyalty depends on this ability to emotionally connect to hearts and minds. Before creating marketing plans and implementing the right technology tools, a map toward true north saves our clients tremendous time, energy, and resources as they grow and expand their reach.

Our process typically begins with the personal or corporate vision and mission mapping process.

During the process leaders and businesses:

  • Uncover personal/leadership/corporate vision and create a vision statement
  • Uncoverpersonal/leadership/corporate mission and create a mission statement
  • Define personal/leadership/corporate core values
  • See, Own and Articulate  unique value proposition, differentiators and ideal roles/functional areas/service offerings
  • Map how to best serve target audience, ideal clients, and employees
  • Set relevant and realistic business and marketing goals
  • Receive practical recommendations to move toward accomplishing personal/leadership/corporate mission

As an entrepreneurial strategist that guides teams in the shaping new ventures myself, I was hesitant to give into someone else’s processes. But starting a new business is messy work (!!) and, even with my experience, I was finding it difficult to reveal the core values and guiding principles of a venture that I was personally involved in.

Through SCN’s vision and mission mapping process, my team and I were able to very quickly and meaningfully craft solid guiding documents for our venture, including a Vision Statement, Core Values and Mission Statement. Mali’s insights into my team’s individual strengths and complementary roles were spot on and delivered in a way that was diplomatic and actionable. Mali and her team took one look at our sea of ideas and gave solid advice on which opportunities would be the most effective for our team start with, based on our collective strengths and revenue generating potential. Their contributions and guidance set us on a clear path that we have found simple to follow and has created incredibly fast and authentic results.

The SOAR mapping process comes highly recommended to teams at both beginning and repositioning phases, where getting clear on guiding principles can save them hours (if not MONTHS and even YEARS) of unfruitful work and frustration.

Libby Garrett

Design Futurist + Educator, Independent Consultant

SCN is able to work with individuals or companies to help them to define their brand/mission. When we worked together, Mali and her team were very comfortable in talking to, bringing out insights I hadn’t ever thought of that would enable me to be more authentic about my business and mission. The questions that they puts forth in their mapping process bring out more about yourself, which then relate to your business style and how you interact with clients. I would highly recommend the SOAR vision and mission mapping process for any individual or company who is looking to brand their business and bring it to its optimum level.

Debijo Wheatley

Interior Designer, Aging in Place Specialist, Designs by Debijo

Working with the SCN team was a pleasure and a gift! Mali is intuitive and insightful. She brings the strength of her professional experience, education, life experiences and people-sense to her work in a profound way that catalyzes new learning and awareness in her clients. The visioning work she facilitated was impactful and exceeded our expectations for rigor and meaningfulness.

Constance Aguayo

Managing Principal Consultant and Coach, The Aguayo Group