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Our Consulting Services

The SOAR Community Network, LLC (SCN) consults with growing businesses and organizations to help you accomplish your mission and create greater social impact. Our three pillars to support in this effort include (1) Mapping your strategic objectives – PURPOSE (2) developing your PEOPLE through Talent Optimization backed by behavioral science (3) assessing, improving and implementing effective PROCESSES and information technology (IT) strategies.




Are you seeking clarity for the strategic direction of your brand, business or nonprofit?

Do you need to create, validate or redesign your vision, mission and value statements?

Is your executive team or board looking for outside facilitators to help map your purpose and message your social impact?

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Develop Your PEOPLE


Are you experiencing rapid growth and shifts in team dynamics?

Do you want to develop leaders to have entrepreneurial mindsets and strong communication skills?

Do you have a vision for ongoing talent management programs to sustain a healthy organizational culture?

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Improve Your PROCESSES


Are you in need of a strategic technology roadmap that aligns with your growth projections?

Are you able to make timely decisions about IT projects, vendors and personnel?

Do you have concerns about information and cyber security?

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The SCN Approach

SOAR Community Network (SCN) facilitates organizational growth, wellness and sustainability to enable greater social impact. We provide customized solutions to map strategic direction, authenticate internal messages, capture shared values, (PURPOSE) develop conscious leaders, align teams, (PEOPLE) assess and improve operational/IT efficiencies, and implement programs (PROCESS) that ensure sustainable growth and healthy corporate cultures.


Our Vision

SCN’s ultimate vision is to develop every human being into a compassionate, mindful and socially responsible leader who openly shares their unique gifts, continuously seeks knowledge and truth, teaches by example and lives authentically because they have clarity of their life’s purpose.

The SOAR Community Network’s NEBULA platform, our global, membership resource hub, is one way we plan to realize this vision.


Nebula Change Agent Community

The SOAR Community Nebula is our membership resource hub for socially conscious leaders who are creating stronger communities through their businesses, nonprofits, NGOs, independent brands, grassroots initiatives and mindfulness practices.

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