The SOAR Community Network (SCN) helps growing ​organizations See, Own, Articulate and Release their authenticated messages and missions internally and to consumers. Think of us as your authenticator of brand message. When we work with clients, we ensure that their visions and missions match their brand identities, messaging, and services so that they continue to honor their core values while keeping their brand promises. Our team can walk you through this holistic approach. In true partnership with our clients, we begin with assessing corporate DNA, mapping core values, and implementing the ideal corporate environment where everyone inside the organization has clarity of vision, ownership of mission and believes that they are empowered to contribute and thrive.

Our Approach

The SOAR Community Network supports growing businesses by starting with assessing and uncovering the organizations’: Vision: Where and what the organization or team wants to be in the future. Mission: The organization’s/team’s fundamental reason for being. (What the organization must do to achieve the vision.) Values: The operating philosophies or principles that guide the organization’s internal conduct and its relationship with the outside world. Behaviors: What your people, your clients, and all other stakeholders see and experience in their day-to-day interaction with your organization/team. Team Dynamics: Personality Traits, Beliefs, Communication and Leadership Styles, etc. Functional Areas: What the organization is uniquely capable of offering to the market that will bring in revenue. Marketing Channels: Explore all the ways in which the organization can successfully share their value proposition to their ideal markets.

Learn How We Can Help

What makes us unique is that we are both the authenticator and the messenger of our clients’ missions and brand stories. It’s a more holistic approach to branding and marketing… starting from the inside out. Our consortium model allows us to effectively provide leadership clarity to foster strong internal messaging as well as offer marketing support when they’re ready to relaunch their authenticated messages to the market. But first… whether for your personal brand or corporate direction, it has to start with mapping back to the most authentic vision, mission and values.

Our mapping process allows us to deliver the official S.O.A.R. Book of Knowledge (SOARBOK) to our clients. This document becomes the map that keeps our clients on path toward their “North Star”. It ensures they have a reference point – their compass – to keep the leadership team and employees consistently in alignment with their greatest vision, mission and values.

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