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Successful strategic execution depends on leadership and talent alignment. When a leadership team is moving in the same direction and aligns team dynamics, culture, and organization with strategy, they eliminate the friction that impacts meeting strategic goals. In this service, leaders rally around well-defined strategic objectives, identify natural behavioral strengths and gaps, and take action to purposefully build a talent strategy that maximizes the odds of boosting performance and results.

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As a group of independent and small philanthropic consultancy firms from across the nation, APC is committed to ensuring that nonprofit organizations of all sizes can engage experienced, qualified counsel by strengthening the abilities, growing the resources, and expanding the knowledge and networks of our members.

APC provides philanthropic consultants with community, education, and knowledge about best practices to strengthen their businesses and empower each client to meet its mission.



The Association of Philanthropic Counsel engaged SOAR Community Network and Mali Phonpadith in July 2021 to assist with vision, mission, and values, and with operationalizing our goals for diversity, equity, and inclusion. We selected SCN from a proposal process, and we are SO glad we did. Mali calmly facilitated two half-day sessions for us, which is particularly remarkable because members of APC are themselves all trained, experienced facilitators in group processes. With Mali’s guidance, we could focus on the content and make significant progress. She has stayed with us as part of our engagement with quarterly check-ins and counsel. This is important for an all-volunteer organization of consultants as we need someone to hold us accountable. Thank you, Mali and SCN.

Melissa Brown

Principal, Melissa S. Brown & Associates, LLCP


SOAR guided us to have deeper conversations, gathered the information and provided it back to us in our debrief, post retreat. This really helped us gain the clarity and consensus we were seeking. From there, we had a much easier time finalizing our association’s vision, mission, values and strategic plan.

SOAR Services Used

Virtual Strategic Mapping for 35 APC member executives to validate and create consensus around new vision, mission, core values and strategic priorities.