Set Strategic Objectives Stories

Successful strategic execution depends on leadership and talent alignment. When a leadership team is moving in the same direction and aligns team dynamics, culture, and organization with strategy, they eliminate the friction that impacts meeting strategic goals. In this service, leaders rally around well-defined strategic objectives, identify natural behavioral strengths and gaps, and take action to purposefully build a talent strategy that maximizes the odds of boosting performance and results.

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This organization provides services to commercial organizations and the Federal Government. They manage a wide selection of financial services – from daily accounting tasks and bookkeeping to integrative compliance, tax management, and specialized audit support. Their financial services are designed to deliver a detailed solution for any business process, compliance issue, or accounting requirement. Some of their managed financial solutions include:

  • Virtual CFO
  • Bookkeeping Liaison Partner
  • Ethics & Compliance
  • Tax Support

They also delivers complete protection for your organization. their experts discover critical vulnerabilities in cybersecurity and financial compliance from desktop to cloud – we manage the risk and create the solution.



Executive expressed interest in the workshop because he felt that they did not have an authentic Vision and Mission. He mentioned that he wanted to do this with his main partner to document an authentic purpose that they could operationalize.


  • Authentic Vision, Mission and Core Values
  • Example of core value operationalization
  • Better self-awareness and team awareness of motivation and drivers around behaviors – increased team cohesion and collaboration

SCN Consultation:

  • Strategic Mapping session with 2 top executives to validate and create consensus around new vision, mission, core values and strategic priorities.
  • Sessions to discover team strengths and potential caution areas utilizing behavioral insights.

Our company was struggling with memorializing and encapsulating a mission and vision statement that would hold true to our core values and the essence of our company. We struggled finding the right words that would complement both of our business lines: Technology and Financial. SOAR was able to provide the clarity and direction that we were looking for.