Services designed to help design and maintain a collaborative culture of compassionate leaders and cohesive teams in order to improve employee experience.

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GravyWork has staffed the hospitality industry for years, connecting thousands of hospitality workers through our gig work app to flexible, part-time hourly jobs at top hospitality brands, as well as private events and universities. In 2021, they introduced their services for warehouses, distribution, retail, and construction. 

Their innovative gig work app makes both working and hiring quick and easy! GravyWork makes it easy for anyone to find flexible work and get paid fast. They offer our hospitality training and help them find shifts that match their skills and fit their busy schedules. From last-minute shifts to long-term staffing, GravyWork delivers an easy and convenient solution to their clients. Their staffing software makes finding local talent with the right skills and certifications for any job a breeze. Clients can post jobs quickly through our online platform, and talent can accept jobs with the click of a button on their gig work app.

I’d like to thank you for the enjoyable and informative session we had today. Throughout this journey, I’ve gained valuable insights into my own strengths and areas to be cautious of.

A key takeaway from today’s event was the behavior quadrant, which has been particularly helpful in understanding my colleagues’ strengths and natural tendencies. Utilizing this knowledge, I can better navigate challenging discussions and reach consensus with my coworkers. In fact, I’ve already applied what I learned in my interactions with my teammate, and I am happy to report that I am seeing more smiles from her. 🙂


Paul Tran

Chief Technology Officer, GravyWork

We recently utilized SOAR’s service to help prepare and position our organization for our next level of growth. I was amazed at the deep insight SOARs’ assessments provided for each individual team member—and for departments and the company as a whole. Utilizing that insight and best practice techniques taught during a SOAR workshop, we are already seeing enhancements in communications and collaboration across the organization. Thanks to SOAR, our entire team is accelerating to the next level!

Greg Matranga

VP of Sales and Marketing, GravyWork


  • Clearly defined strategic objectives for the next 12-24 months
  • Improved team communication
  • Better self-awareness and team awareness of motivation and drivers around behaviors – increased team cohesion and collaboration

SOAR Services Used

  • Strategic Mapping session with 7 top executives to validate and create consensus around new vision, mission, core values and strategic priorities
  • All-hands, 1/2 day retreat to discover team strengths and potential caution areas utilizing behavioral insights.
  • Ongoing quarterly strategy sessions with top executives to bring best practices around People & Culture strategies and initiatives.