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Insurance Marketing Center is a top-producing general agency serving insurance brokers in the Washington Metro Area. Their commitment has been to build and strengthen relationships with the region’s largest insurance carriers, for over 30 years.

Since 1987, Insurance Marketing Center has been committed to serving insurance brokers in the Maryland, DC, and Virginia region.

Early on, they saw the need for bridging the relationship between carriers and the brokerage community. Over these 30+ years, IMC’s dedicated staff has supported brokers while helping them grow their business through our expertise in plan strategy, market trends, carrier differentiators, and operational processes.

Today, they continue to utilize their unique knowledge of vendors and products, federal and state legislation and regulations, and industry technologies to support our brokers. They take pride in being recognized as a premier distributor of new, innovative products that enable brokers to help their clients realize long-term cost savings and improved quality of coverage.

As the insurance industry continues to evolve and change, one thing will remain the same – IMC’s commitment to their brokers and their clients. Their staff always has your back. They have built their reputation on their desire to ensure that your clients’ needs are met. At the end of the day, they want you to be the hero in the eyes of your clients.

I was really impressed with the high participation and engagement.  I think people got super vulnerable because SOAR really set the tone with sharing your story. And I think that just made people very comfortable to let their guard down and be vulnerable.

And then just the genuine breakthroughs of having additional connections with your teammate outside of your day-to-day core functions. It was real team development. My team realized, “Hey, we’re doing this to get better together.” When I saw people interacting that way, I could see it pushing us forward.

The workshop made me want to focus on my caution areas more, where I’m flexing and how to be a better leader.


Agency President, Insurance Marketing Center


  • There were a lot of the breakthroughs that happened. What really helped us push us forward to the next chapter was the “Dream Team” exercise.
  • The exercises opened up the team to new possibilities.
  • The workshop was great because it showed us that you can be impactful in a lot of different ways.
  • It showed us that dream teams are comprised of many different attributes (individual contributors and not just the main stars).
  • It opened up more possibilities and gave the team something else to consider besides their personal roles and responsibilities as it pertains to a singular job.

SOAR Services Used

  • 1 on 1 Talent Strategy with Agency President
  • Becoming a Transcendent Leader SOAR Academy workshop for 20 people