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Successful strategic execution depends on leadership and talent alignment. When a leadership team is moving in the same direction and aligns team dynamics, culture, and organization with strategy, they eliminate the friction that impacts meeting strategic goals. In this service, leaders rally around well-defined strategic objectives, identify natural behavioral strengths and gaps, and take action to purposefully build a talent strategy that maximizes the odds of boosting performance and results.

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​Leadership Loudoun is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Through our immersive leadership learning experience, we create opportunities to influence positive change and impact quality of life in the community. The purpose of our signature program is to transform a diverse and highly motivated group of individuals into a network of leaders who are equipped with knowledge and commitment to benefit the entire county. In addition to providing on-site, experiential knowledge of Loudoun County, the program also strengthens leadership competencies in areas such as relationship building, servant leadership, integrity, innovation, and appreciation for diversity and inclusiveness.



  • Onboarding multiple and new board members with a need to create a shared vision for the future
  • Vision and Mission Statements are outdated
  • Desired to create congruency in messaging so that all board members can function well as ambassadors for Leadership Loudoun


  • Delivery of drafts for vision and mission statements for the board to decide on
  • Clarification and validation of the organization’s strategic direction through ideation and facilitation of group discussions
  • Preliminary mapping of target audience, programs to offer and messaging their unique brand story, value proposition and promise.


SCN Consultation:

  • Map your Why (Facilitation of Board Retreat)
  • Report of observations and recommendations delivered to Leadership Loudoun’s President

SCN is proud to share that Leadership Loudoun engaged us as consultants to facilitate a board retreat for the purpose of redefining the organization’s strategic direction – including vision, mission, values, goals, objectives, target demographics, and messaging their brand story and brand promise.

Leadership Loudoun, Inc. worked with Mali Phonpadith of SCN to assist our organization discover our voice and clarify our message. We are thrilled with the result of working with her. Mali was instrumental in helping all members of our Board of Directors communicate their thoughts in a way that was extremely productive. Mali was also excellent in probing for deeper thoughts that might have never been uncovered. I highly recommend Mali and SCN if your organization / business is in need of finding their true direction.

Scott German

President, Leadership Loudoun