Map Your Why Stories

Organizations go through changes as they grow, expand or retract. Depending on where your organization finds itself, it’s important to regroup and map out your current and near term vision, mission and values every two to three years or during times of rapid change, growth or crisis. Our S.O.A.R. mapping process is a condensed version of the traditional strategic plan. It’s designed to help address your current and near term strategic reset but what we’ve found is that our process takes our clients to a deeper level of clarity and helps them truly claim their motivating why’s for their organization’s reason for existence.

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​LumInsight was founded in 2014 by two seasoned consultants who shared a vision of delivering quality analytics regardless of their clients’ choice of software.
True to that vision, their employees share that same guiding principle. They apply their collective knowledge, skills and years of experience to deliver results not just promises. They develop and implement data integration, data warehousing, reporting, analytical tools and cybersecurity solutions for federal and commercial clients. At LumInsight, their applications, data analytics and cyber security tools derive the optimal value of investments by making sense of messaging services, dashboards, and all other applications in order to build trusted data sources – regardless of the fancy front ends. They ensure users can trust the data underneath the facade.



  • Needed to validate business model (new business, new markets to explore)
  • No formal strategic direction explored or documented
  • No vision or mission statement
  • Reaching and impacting ideal target market of customers and strategic partners
  • No strong messaging to communicate the leadership vision, mission and values throughout the organization and externally


  • Congruency in strategic direction among the leadership team
  • Vision, mission and values statements
  • A strategic plan that speaks to both profit and purpose, social impact and legacy
  • Current and future markets, services and business objectives defined.


SCN Consultation:

  • Map Your Why
  • Set Strategy – SOARBOK Mini Strategic Plan
  • Website Message, Design and Development

SCN is proud to share that LumInsight engaged us as consultants to build a Strategic plan (SOARBOK) for the entire organization to ensure individual’s and organization’s Vision and Mission were aligned, that their messaging is clear and that everyone is on board with the Vision and Mission of the organization. We also worked with them on developing a new website ensure their messaging and services speak to their ideal target market.


The value proposition having a vision and mission that represents the values of the corporate executives is high. I recommend the process because it goes broad and deep enough to exact the detail that’s needed to produce an articulate vision and mission statement in a timely manner.

Damian Rodriguez

CEO, General Partner, Luminsight Analytics, LLP