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Nebula is a membership resource hub for individuals, businesses, nonprofits and enterprises who care about developing more mindful and conscious leaders to create greater social impact.


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Develop Internal Change Agents.

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Why Join our Nebula Change Agent Community?

Join a community of socially conscious organizations and leaders who care about developing internal and community change agents. Our corporate and nonprofit members are able to provide personal, professional and leadership development opportunities to their employees using our Nebula resource hub. Once your organization becomes a member, each employee will have access to resources inside our forums. They will be able to join mastermind groups with other Nebula Change Agents from around the world, take courses on a variety of topics through our learning management system and benefit from many other features. 

Invest in Your People 

Develop Internal and Community Change Agents.

Your leaders and employees can explore their own personal, professional and leadership development journey. They can choose to mastermind with like-minded individuals who want to collaborate on projects, initiatives, or grassroots efforts.

They can select courses offered by our Change Agent experts who can guide them on their path to self-discovery and leadership advancement as they seek to accomplish their own personal and professional goals.

Member Benefits

Connect. Learn. Mastermind. Collaborate.

The SOAR Community Network has built a community resource hub to help organizations develop mindful, compassionate and socially responsible internal and community change agents. 

Nebula focuses on providing personal, professional and leadership development in these three areas:

  • Community Building
  • Mindful & Conscious Leadership
  • Building Sustainable and Empowering Businesses, Organizations and Practices for Greater Social Impact

Our community of conscious leaders are building sustainable businesses, operating empowering organizations, initiating grassroots efforts, teaching mindfulness practices and sharing their skills and knowledge – all to benefit each other and the world around us.

We generously offer up our gifts and talents to contribute what we know in order to solve universal issues that are keeping us from uniting humankind as one global tribe.

We invite you to invest in your employees. Help them to become internal and community Change Agents by joining our Nebula resource hub.

Welcome to the SCN Nebula Community of Organizational and Community Change Agents!

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Develop Internal and Community Change Agents

We welcome enterprises larger than 100 employees. Contact us to discuss a customized solution for your team.