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NEBULA is a C3 Community, a resource hub powered by the SOAR Community Network. This is where business and community leaders come to learn together, connect authentically and mastermind. Our work is to elevate transformative leaders and help them become transcendent leaders. Our members (Nebula Change Agents) are comprised of business leaders and community change agents who deeply care about creating a C3 world – compassionate, cohesive, collaborative workplaces, communities and society.

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You are an entrepreneur, intrapreneur, business leader or community champion. You know there is a better way to create a more compassionate, cohesive and collaborative (C3) world. You are already a mindful, compassionate leader who wants to create positive social impact and surround yourself with others who not only dream of a better society, they are doing something about it. We’ve been waiting for your unique contributions and we’re so grateful to have found you!


Belong to a network of trusted community change agents who are committed to growing as leaders and creating positive social impact.


Learn and share insights during monthly Ideation Gatherings, knowledge sharing Clusters and Mix & Mingles. Collaborate on meaningful projects and business ventures.


Compassionate Leadership starts with you. Know your behavioral strengths and where you can flex to lead effectively. Know your capacity for self-compassion and self-care and pay it forward.

Become a Transcendent Leader!

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Member Directory

Access the listing of members’ contact information and their unique skill sets.


Knowledge Base

Read up on articles, tips and resources shared only with Nebula members.

Free Events

Ideation Gatherings, Technology, HR, Wellness, Sales Clusters and many other events hosted by SOAR Community Network are free to Nebula members.

Host Your Cluster

We will collaborate and support you if you want to host your own Cluster based on your expertise.



Receive 10% discount on all SOAR services.


A forum for our members is available for Nebula Change Agents to exchange ideas and promote your initiatives.

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Nebula is a special experience – a movement.

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Become a Transcendent Leader!

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