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Team Alignment means that all employees, from entry-level to the C-Suite to the Board of Directors share a common vision and understand their roles and how every member of the “community” contributes to the organization’s goals, mission and impact. Team alignment and team building workshops help encourage collaboration which creates happier, more effective teams. Without alignment, each department works independently with its own goals, data sets, and technology applications. When this occurs, the organization is operating as a siloed organization rather than a C3 Community. Team alignment and team building experiences improve communication, productivity, engagement, collaboration and performance. All activities performed by individuals in a perfectly aligned organization help move the business closer to its strategic vision.

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In 1986, six state league-sponsored risk pools designed a member-owned captive reinsurance organization to meet turbulent market challenges. NLC Mutual Insurance Company (NLC Mutual) was founded to provide a stable reinsurance answer for public entities with the assistance of the National League of Cities (NLC).

Today, NLC Mutual is a dynamic pool of pools, a member-powered collaborative community comprised of 29 state league-sponsored risk pools. Through Board representation every member can influence the direction of the organization to ensure our common mission.



Executives and staff are spread out across the country as a remote workforce. It has been over three years since they gathered together in person due to the pandemic. The leadership team needed to come together to map their strategic priorities. They also wanted to bring their workforce together for an all-hands retreat experience where everyone got to uncover their individual strengths as well as discover their team’s strengths and potential cautions. They were able to discuss career pathing, brainstorm on ideas to keep folks engaged and motivated and clearly articulate the vision and mission of the organization moving froward.


  • Clearly defined strategic objectives for the next 12-24 months
  • Improved team communication
  • Better self-awareness and team awareness of motivation and drivers around behaviors – increased team cohesion and collaboration

SCN Consultation:

  • Strategic Mapping session with 7 top executives to validate and create consensus around new vision, mission, core values and strategic priorities
  • All-hands, 1/2 day retreat to discover team strengths and potential caution areas utilizing behavioral insights.
  • Ongoing quarterly strategy sessions with top executives to bring best practices around People & Culture strategies and initiatives.

SOAR has interacted with my Leadership Team and separately with my full team. They is a focused, engaging, and prepared speakers. They helped encourage dialogue and moved us forward to look at short- and long-term objectives, our Guiding Principles, and what type of team we are, to name a few. They also worked with me individually on my leadership style. The feedback from my team was very positive. I highly recommend SOAR’s programs to develop yourself as a leader and improve engagement with your senior team and your organization.

Jill Eaton

President and CEO, National League of Cities Mutual Insurance Company