SOAR Community Network and Virtual Apprentice Collaborate

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SOAR Community Network and Virtual Apprentice Collaborate to Integrate VR in Leadership Training Programs

MCLEAN, Va.March 18, 2024 — Virtual Apprentice, a pioneer in virtual reality (VR) technology for professional development, and SOAR Community Network, a leading provider of innovative human and leadership development solutions, are excited to announce their collaboration implementing cutting-edge VR technology to leadership training programs. Virtual Apprentice and SOAR Community Network have integrated VR technology into leadership training, offering an immersive and dynamic experience for leaders seeking to enhance their skills in an ever-changing business environment.

Revolutionizing Leadership Development Through VR:

As organizations face the challenges of an evolving business landscape, effective leadership has become more critical than ever. The incorporation of VR into leadership training programs will provide leaders with realistic virtual environments to hone their skills.

Key Benefits of VR-enhanced Leadership Training:

Immersive Learning Environments: VR creates a variety of scenarios for leaders to practice decision-making, communication, and problem-solving in a simulated environment. This immersive experience fosters a deeper understanding of real-world challenges without associated risks.

Real-Time Feedback:

Leaders receive instant feedback on their actions and decisions within the virtual environment. This immediate feedback loop accelerates the learning process, enabling participants to make adjustments and refine their leadership approach on the spot.

Adaptive Scenarios:

VR allows for the creation of diverse and customizable scenarios to address specific leadership challenges. From team management to crisis response, leaders can navigate a range of situations, ensuring a well-rounded and adaptable skill set.

Enhanced Engagement:

Traditional leadership training methods sometimes lack engagement. VR captivates participants by providing a highly interactive and captivating learning experience, resulting in higher retention of knowledge and skills.

Cost-Effective Training:

VR eliminates the need for expensive physical setups and logistics for training sessions. Leaders can undergo extensive training without traveling, reducing costs and increasing accessibility for organizations of all sizes.

Mali Phonpadith, Founder and CEO of SOAR Community Network, expresses her enthusiasm about the collaboration with Virtual Apprentice: “This partnership marks a pivotal moment in leadership development. By integrating Virtual Reality into our programs, we’re not just training leaders; we’re immersing them in transformative experiences that will redefine how they lead in our ever-evolving world.”

“Virtual Reality transforms leadership training by immersing individuals in realistic, dynamic scenarios, fostering experiential learning, and empowering leaders to navigate complex challenges with strategic agility and empathy. The collaborative approach with the SOAR Community Network will produce progressive  and diverse leadership.” Ellie Giles, CEO and Founder, Virtual Apprentice.

About Virtual Apprentice:

Virtual Apprentice’s mission is to address critical workplace training challenges that could be remedied through immersive and interactive experiences produced in virtual reality technologies, thereby better meeting the needs of the unemployed and underemployed. Our immersive workplace training content elevates talent and performance, emphasizing upskilling or reskilling workers across industry sectors. Virtual Apprentice’s unique and timely focus is accelerating training programs by providing competency-based immersive experiences that mitigate typical workplace risks and hazards encountered in typical field-based training experiences. Virtual Apprentice solutions are portable, flexible, and scalable, providing a pathway to reach demographics chronically hindered by barriers to employment. This cost-effective solution leads to more substantial skill attainment, application, and retention by ensuring that every training content program is based on researched and accepted adult learning theory.

About SOAR Community Network:

SOAR Community Network is an organizational development firm specializing in strategic mapping and tailored programs for staff and leadership development. SOAR’s approach, rooted in their C3 Framework, focuses on cultivating compassionate leaders, building cohesive teams, and fostering collaborative cultures within organizations. Through a combination of strategic guidance and targeted executive coaching and learning and development programs, SOAR Community Network aims to empower businesses to achieve sustainable growth and success.

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