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Building high performing teams in remote and hybrid environments in this new era can be done by cultivating a C3 Community; developing compassionate leaders, designing cohesive teams and fostering a collaborative culture. In fact, it is required.

Transform Your Team in 90 Minutes!

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You know there is a better way to drive business results, motivate your team and develop future leaders. Empathy, mentorship, compassionate and servant leadership are not taboo terms anymore. You already know this and welcome the opportunity to level up as a transformative leader.

Walk the Path

Compassionate Leadership starts with you. Know your behavioral strengths and where you can flex to lead effectively.

Empower Your Team

Get the right people in the right seats and let them collaborate to drive business results.


Trust your team members and their skill sets. Trust the behavioral science. Together you can build your internal C3 Community.

Increase Engagement

Increase productivity. Align your people with your leadership style, their role, their teammates and the organizational culture.


Delegate with peace of mind knowing your team strengths and unique work style.

Develop Leaders

Motivate and mentor. Discover innovative ways, using proven science and predictive tools, to develop future leaders.

Transform Your Team in 90 Minutes!

1:1 Talent Strategy Session

Step 1 – Gain a deeper self-awareness of your leadership strengths, potential blind spots, and areas of synergy and conflict within your team.


Step 2 – Gain an understanding of your team’s makeup, including their strengths, potential blind spots, gaps, and trouble areas.

Step 3 – Gain the ability to see yourself, your team, and your strategy in one centralized place to identify strengths, alignment, and any gaps.

What You Get


Team Work Style Report

After the 90-minute virtual session you will receive a presentation deck to share with your team highlighting your unique Work Styles Framework™. Sample File

Valued at $1,000


45-minute Read-back Session with Leader

Session with team leader to discuss their behavioral strengths and leadership styles so they may get familiar with talent optimization and how it applies to them and their team.

Valued at $250


Action Plan

You will be provided an outline of specific next steps you could take to improve your team’s ability to execute on your strategic objectives. Sample File

Valued at $1,000


Personal Snapshots for Team

Up to 10 members of your team will each receive their own PI Behavioral Assessment™ and discover their natural strengths. Sample BA

Valued at $1,000



90-minute Talent Strategy Session

90-minute online workshop with the team leader to discuss their team’s work styles and how they match up to objective.

Valued at $500


6-Month Nebula Membership

How do you become a transformative leader? By developing Compassion, Cohesion and Collaboration skills. If you are an entrepreneur, intrapreneur, team leader or community leader then Nebula is the community to help you develop these skills.
Find out more.

Valued at $300


6 Leader Self-Coaching Reports

Personal Snapshot – learn how you are wired to work
Behavioral Report – Behavioral chart, Strongest Behaviors, Management Style, Influencing Style, Management Strategies
Placard – A shortcut chart explaining how your teammates can interact with you
Personal Development Chart – Includes a description of your natural Strengths and respective Caution areas to consider
Manager Development Chart – Includes a description of your natural Strengths and respective Caution areas to consider as a Manager
Management Strategy Guide – tips outline how you like to be managed

Valued at $600


Managers Guide to Working Remote

As a leader, managing a remote workforce comes with its own challenges. A team that performed well in an office setting may encounter unique roadblocks working from home. Communication can break down, and team dynamics may shift. You may need to come up with new ways to keep these employees engaged and motivated.

Valued at $1,000



CEO Benchmark Report

160 CEOs reveal their top concerns and priorities in a post-COVID remote world. Find out what’s caused executive teams to struggle in 2020—and what they’re doing to build dream teams that get along and get the job done in the year to come.

Valued at $1,000


State of Talent Optimization

600 executives across 20 industries were surveyed to understand the relationship between talent optimization and company performance. Their answers provide a window into the current state of talent optimization – the discipline of aligning talent strategy and business strategy.

Valued at $1,000

Design Your C3 Dream Team.

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From Our Clients

SOAR Community Network has been advising leaders and creating dream teams since 2011. Hear what our clients have to share.

“The consultations with SOAR’s leadership team provided really interesting context on how we communicate today as a team and how we can communicate more effectively and grow thoughtfully moving forward. We’re grateful for their ability to pull off effective retreats and workshop sessions remotely. Our team is so happy with where we landed, and we simply couldn’t have gotten there without their skillful leadership.”

Sarah Wick

COO, Crooked Media

“SCN worked with us and helped us to: 1) To know each other better; 2) To lead us to recognize our own skill sets and peak work times as well as to unlock the skill sets and peak work times in each other; 3) To come to a greater appreciation for our team and the work that we do collectively as well as individually; 4) To aid us in understanding who and why we are the way we are – our individual lens from which we view our work – our Scholars, and what that means for our team strategies and possible successes; 5) and to help us bridge the gap between our communication and listening styles; 6)To bring us to a greater level of work efficiency and cooperation. The experience helped bring forth authentic communications and growth between team members using innovative activities and conversations.”


Team, Flaherty Family Foundation

“It became evident as you interact with your team members or colleagues, having the insights that go beyond technical and operational skills to put a team together. Knowing a head of time, how they will perform with each other, what their individual strengths are and their personalities would help you develop the team even better, maybe even more efficiently. It helped me to determine what team members would make up better teams.”

Hilton Nazario

VP of IT Operations, Top 5 Bank in US

“As business owners, we knew building a cohesive team was vital from the start. Working with SOAR Community Network helped us see our different styles of communication and better understand how we (individually) approach problems, take action and make decisions. The first step was to help us understand ourselves. Step two was about how we can better communicate and work with each other. Next, SCN’s process allowed us to assign the right roles and responsibilities based on our natural behavioral insights. Having gone through this process, we are now operating our business more smoothly. Communication among team members is much easier and I feel that SCN provided us with a gift to succeed as business owners with a growing team.”

Lucy Cora Nazario

Co-Owner, Social Butterfly School

“It is so important for us to grow our company and we know that we can’t do it alone. By engaging SCN to help access our strengths and learn more about each team members’ strengths to better lean on and support each other is of great value.”

Lori Krause

Founder, Planning for Senior Life

“It has been extremely important to identify the strengths and weaknesses of our team, especially my strengths and weaknesses as an executive leader, so we can decide where everyone should be placed on our team to address current issues (and mitigate future challenges). It has been an amazing experience working with the leadership team of SOAR Community Network and we can’t thank them enough.”

Alonso Zamora

Co-Owner, White Gloves Solution

“The experience has validated a few things for me related to our team and ultimately it helped me to think about how to potentialize a more team approach to our company’s growth.”

Nelson Ortiz

CEO, Project Management Brokers

“The talent strategy process we went through was absolutely amazing and phenomenal. I like that it not only addressed individual strengths, personalities and work styles but then it takes those key components and applies them to organizational objectives and then it takes us one step further to creating actionable items that we can implement our work more effectively. I highly recommend this process because it is a complete package to move your organization forward.”

Terri Blanchette

Board Member, PSL